Saint Ann CCD

CCD classes at Saint Ann take place every Sunday from September - the first Sunday in May from 10:15-11:30 in the parish hall. Classes are offered for all students in Kindergarten-8th grade. 

STUDENT FEE: $15 for one student; $30 for a family

Important forms are attached below. Please make sure you have one registration form per student filled out. Thank You! 

* CCD registration form -must be filled out EACH catechetical year!
* CCD permission to publish form- must also be filled out EACH catechetical year! 

*Family handbook- this will be given to all families at the beginning of each catechetical year. If for some reason you did not receive it or it becomes misplaced, it will always be here on our website for you to view! Please keep it on hand to review throughout the year!

*First Reconciliation/ First Communion Handbook- this will be given to families of those students in second grade. It contains important information about Reconciliation and Communion including dates, practices and how to dress for First Communion. Please keep it on hand for your reference throughout the year!