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What is a catechist? 

A catechist is more than just a CCD teacher.  The root of the words "catechesis" and "catechist" means to echo, and so the task of a catechist is to re-echo the teachings of Jesus Christ, which come to us through the official teaching of his Church.  Catechists participate in the divine calling to teach as Jesus did and to witness to the truth of the faith.  In addition to teaching the Diocesan curriculum, the National Directory for Catechesis lists the following as characteristics of a catechist (pg. 229):

*A love of God--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit- and of Chirst's Church, our Holy Father, and God's holy people

*A coherence and authenticity of life that is characterized by their faithful practice of the faith in a spirit of faith, charity, hope, courage and joy 

*Personal prayer and dedication to the evangelizing mission of the Church 

*A missionary zeal by which they are full convinced of the truth of the Catholic fatih and enthusiastically proclaim it

*Active participation in their local parish community, especially by attendance at Sunday Eucharist 

*A devotion to Mary, the first disciple and the model of catechists, and to the Most Holy Eucharist, the source of nourishment for catechists​

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